The boss is a recurring character of Mr. Pickles (series). He is Stanley's boss at his job. He has acne all over his face and an eyebrow ring. His voice is High Pitched and Whiny, and loves is arcade games. All of these traits are rather fitting, due to him being extremely immature, and acts more like a insufferable brat to Stanley than a boss. Married to a Steroid Muscle Building Lady that subjects him to domestic violence. This causes him to over compensate and abuse his power at the telecommunication office often demeaning Stanley and others but rewards those that spy and do his bidding. Such as Floyd Stanley's coworker.Overhearing Stanley do a spot on Impression of his voice he had Stanley step in and answer the phone pretending to be him at work while he escaped for some Arcade time. When Stanley says he Loves the Wife She knows the Jig is up and goes on the rampage subjugating him once again.