Dear Boy is the son of Bigfoot and his Dear Wife, making him a deer-human hybrid.


Tommy and Mr. Pickles are assigned the task of looking after him while Bigfoot spends some personal time with his wife. Tommy tells Dear Boy to not stray far away from them, but Dear Boy ends breaking into a deer hunter's cabin and messes the place up before exploring out of the woods. Tommy accidentally lets it slip to the deer hunters that a talking deer is loose and they start piling beartraps around the woods. Tommy and Mr. Pickles then find Dear Boy humping a farmer before the hunters see him too and start firing at him. They manage to escape, but Dear Boy ends up stepping on one of the bear traps. Dear Boy begs Tommy to put him out of his misery and shoot him in the head. Tommy refuses because Dear Boy is his responsibility, but is eventually persuaded to kill him. However, a loud gunshot from elsewhere catches their attention. It turns out Dear Boy's mother was shot by another hunter, and his father comes to collect his son after witnessing her death. Bigfoot releases him from the beartrap and bids Tommy and Mr. Pickles farewell once more. Dear Boy asks his father where his mother went, and he tells him "She don't feel good. Ever again." as they walk down the sunset.


Dear Boy has the body and ears of deer, and the hands and feet and face of a human. He has a pompadour hairstyle and a mole on his face, like his father.


Because he is half-human, Dear Boy possesses higher brain functions and is capable of speech. However, Dear Boy is very spontaneous and hard to control. He is prone to repeatedly saying "hey, yo!". He is also immune to Mr. Pickles' mind-controlling powers that work on other animals.