This is an episode guide for the series Mr. Pickles. The show premiered on Adult Swim on September 21, 2014 after a pilot episode was released online in 2013.

This list is ordered by the episodes' original air dates.

Episode Listing Edit

Pilot Edit

# Title Originally Aired Production Code
- Pilot August 25, 2013 -
Tommy sets out on a mission to prove the donkey-bird still exists.

Season One: 2014 Edit

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# Title Originally Aired Production Code
1 Tommy's Big Job September 21, 2014 102
Tommy sets out to find a job after falling for a young farmer girl.
2 Father's Day Pie September 28, 2014 101
When Mr. Goodman's Father's Day pie goes missing, Tommy and Mr. Pickles set out searching for the pie thief, but meet an unexpected creature in the forest.
3 Foul Ball October 5, 2014 104
The Goodmans go to a baseball game and Tommy hopes to catch a foul ball.
4 The Cheeseman October 12, 2014 107
The Goodmans go on a camping trip, where Tommy learns about the legend of the Cheeseman.
5 Dead Man's Curve October 19, 2014 105
Tommy prepares to enter the soapbox derby, and helps an old time greaser; Grandpa finds the one thing that Mr. Pickles is afraid of.
6 Loose Tooth October 26, 2014 106
Mr. Pickles and Tommy try to lose Tommy's tooth so the tooth fairy will visit; Sheriff searches for pedophiles.
7 Grandpa's Night Out November 2, 2014 103
Grandpa accidentally marries Linda after spending a night out with Mr. Pickles.
8 Coma November 9, 2014 108
Mr. Goodman falls into a coma, and dreams of a world where he and Mr. Pickles have switched places.
9 Where is Mr. Pickles? November 16, 2014 109
Mr. Pickles is dog-napped, and a gang of bounty hunters try to collect the bounty on his head.
10 The Lair November 23, 2014 110
Grandpa wants to learn what actually goes on inside Mr. Pickles' doghouse to prove that he has not gone crazy.

Season Two: 2016 Edit

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