The Goodman family is the animated family that the series Mr. Pickles revolves around. They reside in a farmhouse in the backwoods of Old Town.

Members Edit

Stanley Goodman Edit

Stanley Goodman is the patriarch of the family. He is the husband of Beverly Goodman, father of Tommy Goodman, and son-in-law of Grandpa. He works at Telemarketer Corp., where he is often harassed by his bratty and immature boss. He is also a bit of a know-it-all, which frequently leads him to bad luck.

Beverly Goodman Edit

Beverly Goodman is the wife of Stanley Goodman, daughter of Grandpa, and mother of Tommy Goodman. She is a stereotypical stay-at-home housewife. She is often the voice of reason for the family, even when nobody listens to her.

Tommy Goodman Edit

Tommy Goodman is the son of Stanley and Beverly Goodman, and the grandson of Grandpa. He is a naive, gullible six-year-old boy who is the subject of various wacky adventures throughout each episode. His openness to just about anything often leads him into troubling situations in which his canine companion, Mr. Pickles, has to help him out of.

Mr. Pickles Edit

Mr. Pickles is the family's pet border collie. He is a secretly evil, demonic dog who will kill/mutilate an individual (or group of individuals) at any given notice; on many occasions, this is triggered by somebody picking on Tommy, whom Mr. Pickles is very protective of. Mr. Pickles has the power to demonically possess animals and command them to do anything he wants.

Grandpa Edit

Grandpa is the father of Beverly Goodman, father-in law of Stanley Goodman, and grandfather of Tommy Goodman. Because is not Stanley's father, it can be assumed that his last name is not Goodman. Grandpa is the only character in the show who is aware of Mr. Pickles's secret streak of wickedness. This often leads to Grandpa being picked on by Mr. Pickles.

Betty Edit

Betty is the Goodman family's cow who supplies milk to the family. In Tommy's Big Job, Betty is pregnant, causing the family to drink soy milk instead.

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