"Mr. Pickles is evil!"
Henry Gobbleblobber
Vital statistics
Position Grandfather of Tommy Goodman

Father of Beverly Goodman


Age 64
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Henry Gobbleblobber (known by everyone as Grandpa) is the father of Beverly and grandfather of Tommy. He is the only member of the Goodman Family that is aware of Mr. Pickles's true nature due to him often bearing witness to his evil acts and being a subject of his torment. However, no one believes his stories and often dismiss it as a sign of his old age. He is considered to be the main protagonist of the series as he is Pickle's direct adversary and nemesis.

Due to his extensive knowledge about Mr Pickle and harsh experience under his constant torment, he is the only one so far nearly come close to kill Mr Pickle and know exactly how to deal with him. After being framed by Pickle for murder, he is now a fugitive and on his way to discover about Mr Pickle's true origin.


Grandpa spends most of the series intervening in Mr. Pickles' misadventures and trying to expose him, while also falling victim to some of his gruesome acts. This includes inserting human faces in his everyday life, stealing his shoe, stuffing him in a cow's ass and making him marry Linda after a night out drinking. Grandpa briefly finds the solution to Mr. Pickles' harassment when he buys a vacuum cleaner which frightens the dog. However, his peace ends when Mr. Pickles feels the vacuum cleaner on his groin area and finds the sensation pleasurable, ending up with Mr. Pickles keeping it for himself. Grandpa eventually decides to get evidence of Mr. Pickles' evil by journeying into his lair with a camcorder and calling the Sheriff to see it. After he records enough evidence, he founds the Sheriff in the lair and the two try to escape. However, it turns out that it was merely one of several robot Sheriffs under Mr. Pickles' control and his forced to partake in a porno shoot. Grandpa confuses the Sheriff robots which cause them to revolt, and they're destroyed as a result. Grandpa confronts Mr. Pickles in a large stadium inside the lair before he is pushed into a seemingly-bottemless pit. He ends up being driven out of the lair by Steve. He crawls out of the doghouse and finds the real Sheriff and, mistaking him for another robot, attacks him. Sheriff plays the tape which Grandpa believes is the porno they forced him to star in, but is actually a video of Mr. Pickles tap-dancing. Grandpa is then declared insane and sent to Old Town Insane Asylum.

Grandpa is stuck in the asylum at the start of season 2 and is at risk of being lobotmized by the asylum's warden. However, Grandpa finds great solace in the fact that he'll now be free from Mr. Pickles' torment. This causes Mr. Pickles to disguise himself as the Mayor (using the Mayor's own corpse after killing him) to admit himself in the asylum, but cannot due to his diguise's position. Mr. Pickles intitally tries to approve Tommy's proposal to have Grandpa freed from the asylum, but denies it when he realizes that Grandpa could easily be re-admitted once he's out. Instead, Mr. Pickles has the Mayor admitted to the asylum by making everyone in town think he's crazy by having sex with another dog before their eyes. Inside the asylum, Mr. Pickles loses the disguise and threatens the warden into declaring Grandpa sane and never to be re-admitted. Grandpa is dismayed at being freed by Mr. Pickles, but nevertheless finds comfort in being reunited with his family.

His wife Agnes Gobbleblobber was thought to have passed away, until Season 2 Finale, when it was revealed that she was Steve's real identity.

After learning the truth about his wife Henry tries to reveal the truth but Afnes got there first. Later he finds Mr. Pickles rubbing huge noisy stomach in season 4.