The Mayor of Old Town was killed by Mr. Pickles in Mental Asylum when he suffocates him with a plastic bag. Even though the Mayor is married, he is involved with multiple prostitutes before Mr. Pickles kills him.

Mr. Pickles disguises himself as the Mayor by emptying his corpse's innards and wearing it in order to admit himself into the Mental Asylum so he can torment Grandpa. However, he is soon found by the Mayor's deputy who takes him to his office to finish his duties.

Even though it's obvious that something is different about him (he still acts very dog-like and his posture is clearly inhuman), only Grandpa realizes it's actually Mr. Pickles. Mr. Pickles approves every last minute proposal presented to him (including legalizing the trafficking of machine guns. legalizing lobotomies and making toenails the new currency of Old Town), but doesn't approve Tommy's proposal to free his grandfather from the asylum because he'll just end back in the asylum anyway. He instead makes everyone believe the Mayor is crazy by having sex with his wife's dog at town hall.

He is then taken to the mental asylum to be lobotomized, but Mr. Pickles bursts out of the Mayor's body and threatens the Warden to declare Grandpa sane and never to be re-admitted. The Mayor is then replaced by his deputy who repeals the new proposals.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Season 2 Finale, the Mayor's Bust was seen in the dumpster that Jessica and Grandpa Goodman hid in.