Mr. BoJenkins is a resident of Old Town. He is usually seen riding a pimped-out wagon pulled by some large Bulldogs. He is known to have sex with many women and is Sheriff's best friend.


Mr. Bojenkins is older African American man with frizzy grey hair and a missing tooth. He wears a straw hat, a blue bow, a pink shirt and brown pants with red suspenders. While he appears to be overweight, he is actually well-built underneath his clothes.


Mr. BoJenkins is a kindly fellow who is good friends with the Goodman family and one of smarter residents of good town. He is also a smooth-talker who seduces many attractive women throughout the series.


Mr. BoJenkins possesses many talents shown throughout the series. He can operate a helicopter, is skilled in karate, and can recount accurate details about a woman after seeing her in person after a short time.

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