Old Town
is where Mr. Pickles takes place.  The town is loosely based on Richmond, Virginia, where the show creators originate from.

The Mayor of Old Town was killed by Mr. Pickles at the start of Mental Asylum who uses his corpse to his diguise himself as the Mayor for brief period before having him admitted to the mental asylum. The Mayor is then replaced by his deputy soon after.

Businesses and points of interestEdit

  • Mr. Pickles' Lair
  • Old Town Hardware
  • The Great Outdoors
  • Jiggly Wiggly's
  • Old Town Grocery
  • Old Town Diner
  • Old Town Campground
  • Beer & Broads Bar & Grill
  • Dead Man's Curve
  • Old Town Candy Store
  • Blood Bank
  • Old Town Seamtress
  • Old Town Black Smith
  • Wrestling Stadium
  • Old Town Hospital
  • Old Town Mental Asylum
  • Old Town Bank
  • Old Town Museum
  • Criminal Activity Center
  • Nursery
  • Wild Brian's Grandpa's Barbor Shop
  • Phil Robertson's Manor
  • Super Hero Guy's Cave
  • Recylcing Plant
  • Old Town Rehab Center
  • Sheriff Station
  • Ooh La La French Motel
  • Joe Bob's Guns
  • Vegan Headquarters
  • Haunted House
  • Old Town Marquee
  • Rare Antiques
  • Night Club
  • A Safe Place
  • Old Town Cemetery