The Paramedic is a character seen in the episode Dead Man's Curve. He is an ambulance worker who is clearly disgruntled with either life, his job, or both. At the beginning of the episode, he is seen taking an elderly woman complaining of chest pains to the hospital. He stops at the Beer & Broads Bar & Grill and screams "shut up, bitch" at her. As he is entering the bar, he spots Mr. Pickles and kicks him out of the way. Inside of the bar, he sits down beside of a visibly drunken pizza delivery man. The paramedic tells the pizza delivery man to shut up and calls him a loser. The pizza delivery man replies and tells him that he is not a loser and begins to vomit all over the bar. Mr. Pickles, angered by being kicked, enters the bar with a knife, ready to kill the paramedic, but is scared away by the vacuum being ran to clean up the vomit.

The paramedic appears again later in the episode after The Kid seemingly drops dead from witnessing a nearly nude Linda. The paramedic is seen putting The Kid's body on a stretcher and into the back of an ambulance. Beverly tells Tommy that The Kid is just going to "rest for awhile", to which the paramedic responds hatefully, "Yeah, because he's dead."

He is once again seen at the end of the episode, this time in Mr. Pickles's secret doghouse lair. He and the pizza delivery man are locked in a cell with their faces missing.

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