Mr. Pickles was renew for a new season, announced by [adult swim] on December 10, 2014.

Episode 1 "Mental Asylum" air date April 17, 2016: Mr. Pickles disguises himself as the town mayor in order to free Grandpa from the asylum this is a follow up of the previous episode.

Episode 2 "Cops and Robbers" Air date April 24, 2016: Tommy gets into a big crime when he mistakes a little person for someone his age.

Episode 3 "Serial Killers" Air date May 1, 2016: Sheriff recruits Mr. Pickles as a K-9 cop in order to capture serial killers on the loose in Old Town.

Episode 4 "Shövenpucker" Air date May 8, 2016: There is a metal thief on the loose in Old Town and Tommy and Mr. Pickles teams up with a superhero with a strange addiction.

Episode 5 "Fish?" Air date May 15, 2016: When a suspicious woman has a love interest only Mr. Bojenkins can stop her true intentions before its too late.

Episode 6 "A.D.D." Air date May 22, 2016: This is an episode within an episode and focuses on Astronaut Dolphin Detective, Astronaut Dolphin Detective must stop an evil space shrimp from chainsaw spaceship to cut the Sun in half.

Episode 7 "My Dear Boy" Air date May 29, 2016: Tommy tries to prove he has responsibility by trying to watch over Jon Gabagooli's (Bigfoot) son, meanwhile Grandpa tries to capture Steve.

Episode 8 "Vegans" Air date June 5, 2016: Beverly Goodman gets invited to join a vegan headquarters to learn how to be a true vegan.

Episode 9 "Talent Show" air date June 19, 2016: Tommy enters a talent show to tell jokes where he cross paths with a mysterious woman.

Episode 10 "Season 2 Finale" June 26, 2016: Grandpa finds a mysterious ancient coin that may have a key to Mr. Pickles and Steve's true identity is revealed.