The sheriff is a recurring and supporting character from Mr. Pickles.


Sheriff is an obese man dressed in a police uniform, complete with a badge, a hat with a pair of glasses on the rim, and wears a pair of roller skates. His gums are always exposed and he talks with a slight lisp.


The Sheriff is extremely childlike (possibly mentally handicapped) and lives with his mother. He is shown to love rubber ducks, sing songs in the bathtub, sleep with his mother and wanting comfort from her, and other childish antics. However, he is extremely good at his job and has caught several criminals throughout the series (usually with the help of Mr. Pickles) and can be a great police man with Mr. Pickle's help. He even made Mr. Pickles a police dog in Cops and Robbers.


Mr. Pickles: Sheriff seems to hold some level of respect for Mr. Pickles as the two of them have solved several criminal cases throughout the series. Sheriff is one of the few humans (outside of the Goodman family) who Mr. Pickles does not kill or torment (although, he does get annoyed by his childish ignorance). Sheriff even made Mr. Pickles into a police dog to help him find the "gum thief" (although, the escaped serial killers were the real criminal threat, and Mr. Pickles killed them himself).

Grandpa: Usually Grandpa will phone the Sheriff to inform him of Mr. Pickles' evil actions, but he dismisses it as one of Grandpa's crazy stories. In The Lair after Grandpa phones him yet again he explores the eponymous lair but its revealed he is one of many robots that Mr. Pickles built. When the real Sheriff responded to the call after Grandpa escaped the lair, Grandpa punched Sheriff thinking he was one of Mr. Pickle's robots.

Tommy Goodman: Sherrif is friendly to Tommy and tries to help him as best as he can when he asks for help (though sometimes he unintentionally ignores him for another case.) Nevertheless, Tommy looks up to Sherrif, and along side Mr Pickles, he also helps him solve cases and they always take care of each other.