In his crime-fighting days.

Sidekick Boy is a retired superhero who was the sidekick of Super Hero Guy


After the fall of Super Hero Guy, Sidekick Boy installed a security system in their underground cave to keep him from breaking in and stealing metal to sell for his shövenpucker addiction. Only Sidekick Boy's hand could allow access to the base. Tommy enlisted Sidekick Boy's help to rehabilitate Super Hero Guy by luring him into a rehab center with a piece of metal. When Super Hero Guy was told of the steel robo suits Sidekick Boy built, he bit off his hand and used it to bypass the security system. He stole one of the robo suits and used it to steal more metal with. Now that Super Hero Guy has essentially become a villain, Tommy suggested that it's now time for Sidekick Boy to take the mantel as superhero. However, he was run over by Crime Man immediately after which crippled his legs. When Tommy needed to access the cave to use the other robot to stop Super Hero Guy, Sidekick tore off his other hand and handed it him to open the door even though he could have done it himself. He is later seen in town when Tommy tries to stop the train from crashing when the bridge is stolen. He says that he cannot bare to watch, so he stabs his eyes with a broken bottle even though he could have closed them. When Mr. Pickles stops the train from crashing and saves Tommy, Sidekick Boy tries to tell everyone that Tommy was the hero in the robo suit, but Tommy stops him and reminds him that a superhero must never reveal his true identity.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Season 2 Finale, Sidekick Boy was seen in pictures hanging on Jessica's Wall alongside Crime Man, having had a threesome with the two.
  • He seems to lack common sense since he bit off his own hand and gave to tommy even though he could've reached the door himself and stabbed his own eyes even though he could've just closed them.