Super Hero Guy is a former superhero and the villain in the episode Shövenpucker.



In his prime.

Super Hero Guy was once a well-respected superhero in Old Town during the 1960's. This all came to an end when Crime Man set fire to a nursery and one of the babies Superhero Guy rescued pulled his mask off, revealing his true identity as Phil Robertson​. People then started calling him over to preform everyday tasks for them. This led to him becoming depressed and using drugs and alcohol. However, the only thing that really did it for him was shoving super sour candy balls up his ass (a practice Germans call shövenpucker). When the candy was banned, he started buying it from back alley dealers. He soon lost all of his money which caused him to start stealing scrap metal that he could sell at a recycling plant to feed his addiction. Some of metal he stole was from his own mansion. His former sidekick, Sidekick Boy, had to place a security system on their cave to prevent him from breaking in and stealing more metal.

Super Hero Guy came to Mr. Pickles' attention when he stole Tommy's metal leg braces. Tommy and Sidekick Boy tried to help Super Hero Man by luring him into a rehab center. However, he escaped when Tommy told him about the steel robo suits Sidekick Boy built at the cave. Super Hero Guy then bit off Sidekick Boy's hand and used it to access the cave. Superhero Guy equipped one of the robo suits and used it to steal cars to sell for more candy balls. When Super Hero Guy went after the town bridge, Tommy tried to fight him off in a metal suit. However, Super Hero Guy's determination to make a sour ball as big as the world proved to be too much for Tommy. At the recycling plant, Mr. Pickles forced Super Hero Guy into a trash compacter, but refrained from killing him when he noticed that Tommy's braces were inside too. Super Hero Guy then escaped from the damage robo suit in search of more sour balls. Mr. Pickles later captured Super Hero Guy and fused his body into Crime Man's sports car.