The Blorpton Brothers are a pair of bullies who frequently pick on Tommy. They attend Old Town Elementary and are known to unintentionally mimic sexual activities with one another while playing.


The brothers live in a run-down house with their mother and father who not only encourage their behavior, but also acts just as violent towards them. Their parents prefer to go bowling instead of raising their sons properly and still breastfeed them. After savagely beating Tommy, Beverly tries to make peace with the Blorpton family but ends up getting saddled with the brothers for daring to criticize their mother's parenting. The brothers continue their disobedient path and cause chaos in the Goodmans’ house and was about to beat Tommy with vibrators they got from their parents. Mr. Pickles was furious to the point that he was about to brutally kill them with a scythe, but was stopped by Beverly. Despite Beverly's nurturing nature, they still caused chaos until Louie and the bikers kidnap them so they can spank them.

Beverly then rescues the boys with a motorcycle made of household tools, scaring the two into behaving. When their parents still refuse to take them back, Sheriff attempts to stop them with a bowling ball, only to hit Beverly's bike instead which causes her to run over the fleeing Blorptons and sending their sons crashing into a windshield. The entire Blorpton family is hospitalized with full-body casts, having learnt nothing. Realizing the parents are responsible for their sons' behavior, Mr. Pickles paints the parents' casts in bright colors and disguises them as pinatas for Rick's birthday so they can be beaten.