The Cannibal is a cannibalistic serial killer who is the main villain of the episode Serial Killers.


The Cannibal is first seen in a police bus along with Rape & Kill Ronnie, Ugly Face, Poison and The Strangler on its way through Old Town when he escapes from his cuffs before killing Rape & Kill Ronnie. The bus then crashes and releases the remaining criminals during the road collision seen in the series opening. The Cannibal introduces himself to Grandpa in Old Town Museum with the intent on eating him later. After a walk around the museum and Old Town, Grandpa develops a liking towards the Cannibal and invites him to have dinner with his family. The Sheriff mistakes the Cannibal for a gum thief when he misconstrues his eating puns and joins the dinner in preparation to arrest him while the Cannibal plans to kill and eat everyone there. However, Mr. Pickles replaces his shiv with a stolen packet of gum and the Cannibal is then arrested for stealing gum alongside the actual gum thief who was mistaken for the cannibal. The Cannibal once again escapes custody when he eats the gum thief and uses his bone to pick the lock on his cuffs. Mr. Pickles eventually captures him before killing him in a satanic ritual by using a goat's skull to remove his heart before playing with it.


The Cannibal is a middle-aged, Caucasian man with straight grey hair. He has a noticeably large overbite that fully exposes his teeth when he talks.


The Cannibal is an incredibly unhinged individual who is considered too unusual compared to "nice, normal" serial killers. He constantly proclaims his cannibalism by making forced puns where he emphasizes the punchline while making exaggerated slurping noises and licking his lips. He's even prone to outright stating his intention and doing cartoonish gestures that make his lunacy apparent.


When the Delivery Guy came I said "I ordered Thai food, but it looks like I'll be eating mexican" hehe. Get it. He was Mexican and I'm a cannibal.

I tried the Atkins diet but there are only so many people named Atkins.

Well, it's rare that I'm like others... (the other serial killers look at him in curiosity) wait, I meant to say "I like others rare!"

I'm gonna poop you


  • He's likely a parody of Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs.
  • Like Mr. Pickles, the Cannibal is capable of dealing large amounts of bodily damage as he can tear chunks of flesh with his own teeth and consume large portions of the human body in minutes.