This article is about the episode. For the character, see The Cheeseman.
The Cheeseman
The Cheeseman
Season 1, Episode 4
Originally Aired October 12, 2014
Production Number 104
Written By Will Carsola; Dave Stewart; Sean Conroy
Produced By Sean Conroy
Directed By Will Carsola
U.S. viewers (millions) 1.640
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The Cheeseman is the fourth episode of the first season of Mr. Pickles and the fourth episode overall. It originally aired on October 12, 2014.

Plot Edit

A fisherman in the middle of a lake is about to pleasure himself with a fish he has painted lipstick on. He feels a tug on the end of his fishing line and thinks he is about to catch another fish. Mr. Pickles appears at the end of the line, kills the fisherman with the sharp end of the line, and throws the body into the lake.

The Goodman family decides to go camping, and as usual, they disregard Grandpa's warning against bringing Mr. Pickles. Just as Mr. Goodman is getting ready to set up the tent, a group of young partiers arrive in a camper. One of them tells Tommy the story of the legendary "Cheeseman" who lurks the woods; he is a man who has cheese for skin after a group of teenagers threw American cheese at him and it melted into his skin in a campfire.

Throughout the episode, Mr. Pickles kills off each of the horny campers one by one. One of the killings is witnessed by both Grandpa and a strange old man wandering the woods, who is masturbating to the sexual scene going on in the lake. Grandpa, thinking he has a witness, phones the Sheriff, but the man only tells the sheriff about seeing a nude female and the fact that he is a virgin.

Meanwhile, Mr. Goodman is involved in various unfortunate injuries: his nose is bitten by a bird, he accidentally eats a spider egg sack, he trips and hurts his leg, and floats down the river when he tries to teach Tommy how to cross it. As a thunderstorm approaches, Mrs. Goodman becomes trapped under a tree branch after a bolt of lightning breaks the branch off the tree. Tommy, thinking the river is a shortcut his dad took, is about to get washed down the river. The Cheeseman appears and tries to save him, but Mrs. Goodman, who has now freed herself from the branch, thinks he is trying to harm Tommy. Both Tommy and the Cheeseman float down the river and Mrs. Goodman is forced to follow.

Brad, one of the campers, is dressed in a Cheeseman costume and sees Mr. Goodman emerging from the river. Due to the extent of his injuries, Brad thinks Mr. Goodman is the real Cheeseman and runs toward him with a knife. The Sheriff shows up and tells Brad to drop the weapon. Grandpa leads the Sheriff to the camper, where a brutal murder has taken place, and proclaims it to be Mr. Pickles. The Sheriff applauds Mr. Pickles.

In the end, the only campers not to die because of Mr. Pickles were Brad and a black guy named Darrell. Darrell narrowly escapes eating poisonous berries and getting struck by a lightning bolt, but just as he proclaims that he is going to live forever, a group of campers throw American cheese at him, and it melts into his skin in a campfire, just like the original Cheeseman twenty years earlier. At the end of the episode, the Cheeseman thanks the Goodmans for accepting him for who he is, but becomes angered when Mrs. Goodman prepares him a burger with cheese on it. While they are not looking, the Cheeseman is seen behind a bush masturbating with the fish from the beginning of the episode. Mr. Pickles appears and kills him.

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  • This episode seen on episode A.D.D. where mr strimp watched by.
  • One of the camper taking drug under name flour it slang for cocaine or meth.

Camper take a drug