The Kid
The Kid before wreck

The Kid before he drove over Dead Man's Curve

The Kid is a character who appears in the episode Dead Man's Curve. He is an old man with a long grey beard, torn leather jacket and blue jeans. In the 1950s, he was a stereotypical greaser and self-described coolest kid in Old Town. For decades, he was trapped by the seatbelt inside of a car he wrecked when he went over Dead Man's Curve by "combing his hair too hard"; he survived by eating rats and drinking their urine, and from the thought of his love interest, Sally Wilton. The accident happened when he drag-raced Donnie "Skids" McGilton to see who would win Sally Wilton's heart.

In the episode, Tommy and Mr. Pickles discover The Kid after Tommy goes over Dead Man's Curve with his soapbox derby car. He is freed from the seatbelt after Mr. Pickles possesses the rats and commands them to gnaw through the seatbelt. The Kid promises Tommy that he will help him build a new soapbox car if Tommy can help him get Sally back. The Kid is disappointed to find Sally living with Skids in a "friends with benefits" situation. Tommy helps The Kid clean up and get new wardrobe, complete with leather jacket, jeans, and greaser wig. The Kid seemingly falls over dead after spotting a nearly-nude Linda dancing in the street. He emerges once again from the curve after the stretcher he was on rolled over it; he falls back over the cliff after, once again, combing too hard.

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