Tommy Goodman

Tommy Goodman calling for Mr. Pickles in the show's opening sequence.

Tommy Goodman
Tommy Goodman
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 6
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 113 cm
Weight 45.5 lb (20.6 kg)

Tommy Goodman (voiced by Kaitlyn Robrock) is the dueteragonist from Mr. Pickles and a member of the Goodman family.

Basic Information Edit

Tommy is the six-year-old son of Stanley and Beverly Goodman and the grandson of Grandpa. He has bright orange hair and sports a blue button up shirt with tan shorts and red suspenders. He can best be described as chubby and wears leg braces presumably meant to straighten his spine, much like how a young Forrest had to wear in the 1994 film Forrest Gump. He is almost always seen with the family's secretly demented dog Mr. Pickles. Like everybody else in the series except for Grandpa, Tommy is completely oblivious to Mr. Pickles's wicked ways. In fact, Mr. Pickles has been shown to be very caring toward Tommy, killing or mutilating anyone or anything that causes any type of harm toward Tommy.

Personality Edit

Tommy is an extremely naive and innocent little boy, and he is often a target for trouble or ridicule because of this. For example, in the pilot episode, he is made fun of by an older child for his leg braces, to which Tommy takes little offense; Tommy even asks Mr. Pickles to help the bully from a bear attack later in the episode. Even though he is only six years old, Tommy frequently wanders off by himself with Mr. Pickles, where he gets involved various wacky adventures. Most of these adventures lead Tommy into getting physically altered (example: receiving breast implants) or nearly killed (shootout with mob bosses).

Tommy looks up to his father, Stanley Goodman, as a role model. Tommy often asks his dad for advice on life and tries to copy him at certain times. Tommy does not get to spend lengthy amounts of time with his dad; Mr. Goodman realizes this, and although he would like to spend more time with his son, he is prevented from doing so because of his job.

Throughout the run of the show, Tommy has been shown to take interest in a wide array of activities, some of which are suggested by his family or the townsfolk. In Tommy's Big Job, he develops feelings for the young Suzie Milton. In Foul Ball, he wants more than anything to catch a foul ball at a baseball game. In Dead Man's Curve, he shows interest in soapbox derby racing.

In season 2, he's now 7 and can write.