Wanda (voiced by Dave Stewart) is a character who appeared in the episode Tommy's Big Job. She is an obese woman of Eastern European desent who is confined to a wheelchair with medical boots on both feet. Due to her actions, it is also inferred that she is looking for easy money and friends.

Stanley Goodman encounters her on his way to work. She deliberately falls out of her wheelchair in an attempt to get ran over by him. He stops his truck in time, but she threatens to tell authorities that he hurt her if he does not take her to the motel where she lives. At the motel, Mr. Goodman replaces a light bulb, and she makes him stay and watch Astronaut Dolphin Detective with her, threatening to tell authorities that he raped her if he didn't. Goodman's place of work calls home and tells his wife, Beverly Goodman, that he never made it into work. Mrs. Milton suggests to Beverly that Stanley may be cheating on her. When they go to check, Beverly spots him through the motel window and it appears the two are having sex. Goodman was actually assisting Wanda back into her wheelchair.

At the end of the episode, Mr. Goodman finally breaks free of Wanda and follows his wife and Mrs. Milton to the Milton Farm. Wanda follows him, and she continues to insist that she'll tell that he raped her.

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