Where is Mr. Pickles?
Where is Mr. Pickles?
Season 1, Episode 9
Originally Aired November 16, 2014
Production Number
Written By Will Carsola; Dave Stewart; Sean Conroy
Produced By Sean Conroy
Directed By Will Carsola
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Where is Mr. Pickles? is the 9th episode of the first season of Mr. Pickles.


Mr. Pickles gets kidnapped by a group of bounty hunters who try to kill him


Mr. Smilton hired rushless bounty hunter kill Mr Pickles.Mr Pickles sneak his stable for fetish party and find out mr pickles in stable for fetish party by Mr Smilton animal. Latter Tommy call mr Pickles, and group bounty hunter tries to kill the dog but manage to escape from kill.

Truck went to party his Floyd party, Grandpa told where mr Pickles kill the people at barbecue party but Beverly denied it. Meanwhile frist bounty hunter see mr Pickeles from gray car where car plate is BOUNTY HUNTER, Floyd hammer arrow to his party where misleading arrow his house at aboned house, his mansion are accros aboned house, The Goodman welcomed by he wife

while Mr pickles kidnaped by bounty give 7 second to alive and show his knive and his friends (squerel) to kill the bounty hunter and chop off bounty hunter head and make sexual intercouse. And call other animal to help it for begain kill, help it where it in danger. Mr Pickles cross away and other bounty hunter inside antiqe telephone booth.

while Stanley and Floyd take a guide for Floyd mansion where food are displayed

Demonic speechesEdit

  • where mr pickles threated by bounty hunter he commard to squrell to help it, he said "your a beast strike him now, strike his head or die".